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Monday, November 9, 2009

Nobody loves you.

So welcome to the most badical blog in the world.
We live in a universe of information in which no one with computer access has any excuse to be bored. In fact, my 7th grade science teacher once said that "boredom is borne out of ignorance," and that more than my protestant upbringing reinforced my hatred of boredom: because while boredom is suffering, it's also your own fault, unless someone kidnaps you and drops you off in the desert.
So I'm too busy for boredom, for you see, I am enjoying my first quarter as a graduate student at the University of Chicago. The university is a loving mother who provides her children with an immeasurable wealth of knowledge; actually she's an evil step mother who slaps you until you cry, then slaps you and slaps you until you stop crying.
Anyways, blogs are for one's own enjoyment, unless there are strange folks out there who actually care what I have to say, which is not a hill of beans.
So I must venture to my greek class. It is delightful to have you as my guest.



    the internet is sometimes like the tv with 200 channels with nothing good on.

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